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AMETEK SCP is a manufacturer of submarine hull penetrators and outboard cable assemblies, fully experienced in both international and domestic defense programs and utilizing a regionalized manufacturing strategy to meet local content requirements.

AMETEK SCP specializes in manufacturing underwater electrical and optical connectors and cable assemblies for military and commercial markets. AMETEK SCP, a business unit of AMETEK ECP, is located in Westerly, Rhode Island within a modern 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which was recently acquired to fulfill the rapidly expanding business commitments.

With over 20 years of meeting customer's specific requirements, AMETEK SCP is able to offer over 2,500 different products and is committed to providing interconnect systems that best suit a market defined by continually evolving needs. Our corporate philosophy emphasizes flexibility, responsiveness, staying ahead of market requirements and meeting the highest quality standards.

Specializing in glass to metal seals, feed thrus, electrical devices, and high technology underwater fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies. Applications in extreme environments, such as undersea, downhole, nuclear and aerospace, provide the most common uses for these products. Others include naval surface, transportation and military land systems. AMETEK SCP also provides custom molding services in the area of rubber, polyurethane and epoxy molding and custom configurations.


  • SCP Interconnects
    AMETEK SCP Receives ISO9001:2015 Certification

    AMETEK SCP, a provider of highly reliable, harsh environment interconnect solutions, recently completed multiple audits in the process of updating its ISO certification to the ISO9001:2015 level.

  • Sealtron Hermetically Sealed Connector
    AMETEK Sealtron Completes AS9100 Standard Audit

    Sealtron, Inc., a unit of AMETEK Electronic Components & Packaging (ECP), has successfully completed the newest standard AS9100 rev.D upgrade audit, which goes beyond the more common ISO9001 standard and adds more stringent requirements tailored to the demanding needs of the aerospace industry.


AMETEK SCP Hull penetrator
Serving the Columbia Class
AMETEK SCP The Navy, under a plan it calls the Integrated Enterprise Plan (IEP), plans to build Columbia-class boats jointly at GD/EB and HII/NNS, with most of the work going to GD/EB. AMETEK SCP is SUBSAFE Level 1 approved for subsea defense connectivity systems with experience across a broad base of domestis ic and international programs and the proven manufacturing capability to meet local content requirements.  Our quality management system has been approved to meet the requirement of MIL-I-45208, SUBSAFE Level 1, EB 2678.  With people's lives at risk, we take the work discipline, material integrity, and documentation to heart.

 SCP - Fiber Optics  FOFT is a high-performance Fiber Optic Feed Thru
As the demand for bandwidth increases 40% each year, the submarine fleet relies on fiber optic cables over coax cables to meet the challenge.   Its unique process produces a robust hermetic seal between an optical fiber and a metal super alloy with a proprietary seal glass. A very durable compression seal results, which can withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions. The combination of materials used is also highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack. Submarine applications include pressure hull penetrators, compartment bulkhead connectors and dry mate systems